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"A must read for anyone who has been told to "let go" or "get over it" but doesn't know how"

-- Brian Gerrard, PhD, Assoc.. Prof, Counseling Psychology, University of San Francisco

●Panic  ●Anxiety  ●Abusive Relationships  ●Life Crises

 ●Racing Thoughts (Stinkin' Thinkin')   ●Analysis Paralysis  

●Need to Control   ●Phobias   ●Fear of Flying   ●Fear of Abandonment  ●Addictions  ●Stress  ●Anger  ●Depression  ●Frequent Illness 

Are you exhausted from trying to keep your anxiety and panic attacks at bay?  


These are all symptoms of disorders of the amygdala or emotional brain.  You may suffer from some or many of these problems.   Find out why the emotional brain is the key to your physical, emotional, and spiritual health and how to strengthen it - not by exerting more control  - but by learning how to let go.   You will discover

Therapist Within books and CDs provide - in non-technical language - the background and information you need to understand exactly what DOES work to heal your emotional brain, why it will self-correct if you let it, and exactly how to let it - how to get rid of anxious feelings - by actually getting rid of the protein that has been stored in the emotional brain - not by covering up the symptoms! These materials will

  • Give you very specific, detailed instructions on how to re-connect and accurately read your body's anxious and fearful sensations
  • Teach you how to know when your emotional brain is trying to get rid of old stored  trauma, anxiety and fear
  • Show you how to turn your personal and relationship crises and trauma into a healing process so that you won't keep repeating the same patterns
  • Provide you with the skills you need to turn off your racing thought and get a good night's sleep.

You are the expert in your own life.  The goal of The Therapist Within is to help you connect to your internal emotional guidance system - your emotional brain so that you can get completely healthy, feel certain of who you are, where you are going and are living life with clarity, purpose, peace and joy.

"It ain't so much the things we don't know that give us trouble, 

but the things we think we know that just ain't so!"  Will Rogers

Symptoms & Causes of Anxiety & Panic Disorders  

and What Works To Get Rid of Them - Naturally 

The Therapist Within Eliminate Anxiety and Panic Attacks - Naturally

To Tranquility

From Turmoil

Get Rid of Anxiety and Panic Attacks 

. . . Naturally            

​                                      The Therapist Within

Comments, Kudos

 ​My feelings of anxiety and depression were lifted within probably a couple of days.
I just didn’t have that feeling that had been
a part of my life for such long time.
By the next day (after doing the process)
when I woke up, I felt greatly relieved. 
I felt as though a tremendous burden had been lifted. And then for a long time after that
I would just feel better each day and at more peace with myself.  
-- Penny. R., Small Business Owner

When I first "went over the falls," I experienced relief so strong, I almost sat up and cheered. 
It felt so good to not have to control everything. I felt so free and joyful.  Like skipping through life. All the pain is gone now and I can hardly believe how easy life has become, how stress-free

--Chris C.  Store Manager

It is amazing how cool I am when everyone around me is losing their tempers.  For the first time, I can back off and analyze what is going on because I am not in the middle of it .  None of my buttons is being pushed because I don't have any anymore.  It is only since I have given up control that I actually feel in control.

--Brad G. Technology Consultant